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The main purpose of obedience is to teach owners how dogs "Communicate". This is achieved by learning the Mechanical and Psychological aspect of training. It should be understood that the behavior of your dog, develop from many factors, most of which you can control or redirect. A well mannered dog is such because of the way he has been handled and guidance given in their upbringing.

Upon completion of my Basic Obedience Program you WILL PASS the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.

                                           Basic Obedience
Basic obedience training provides a proper foundation of learning which builds confidence and helps correct problems in the home. The training consists of on leash obedience commands given by voice and hand signals. Your dog will be taught to respond on the first command even if surrounded by distractions. Also Behavior Modification is introduce such as; Potty training, destructive chewing, Jumping, Barking, overly aggressive or any behavior problems your dog has now or may develop in the future. Dogs eight (8) weeks are eligible and No dog too young or too old.
Below are demonstrations of Basic obedience. Notice the dogs Enjoy training.

Lab- mix:


Great Pyreneese:


Belgian Malinois:

                                        Intermediate Obedience
In Intermediate obedience Distance is taught, greater distractions and a long leash are implemented to help the dog learn. Depending on the Age of your dog and how it was raised will determine how Long your dog will stay at this level. Why? Because you have been training your dog the day you brought your dog home, whether or not you were training them correctly, will determine how long your dog will stay at this level before advancing. A young dog will advance faster than an older dog. For this reason it's always to your advantage to start training as soon as possible.

Below are demonstrations of Intermediate obedience.

                                      Advanced Obedience
In Advanced obedience Distance, Distractions and No leash are implemented. The primary objective of this phase of training is to teach your dog Discipline. This objective is not developed through abuse or extreme force. I stress the need for a complete understanding of the dog's reasoning and thinking process.
Advanced obedience is the refinement of "Total" obedience. Upon completion, your dog will respond to all the commands learned in basic and intermediate obedience when "Off" leash. Upon completion of training the dog is expected to accompany the owner in cars, planes, to offices, business meetings etc. Besides the added convenience for you, the proper response to the commands they will learn, may "SAVE" their "LIFE" someday.

Below are demonstrations of Advanced obedience.

Mix Breed:

English Bull Dog:

All American Pointer:
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