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Rescue Network

                                               Rescue Network
The purpose of my Rescue Network is to rescue dogs from owners who no longer can care for them. These dogs are trained and then placed for adoption. The training of these dogs are the "Key" to the adoption process. These dogs are trained advanced levels of obedience to avoid behavior problems that may exist or develop after adoption.
The evaluation of the new owners are crucial to the adoption process to determine whether or not the owners are compatible with the dogs. When there is compatibility between an owner and dog, I then design a customize training program for both the owner and dog, that is "Guaranteed" for the "LIFE" of the dog.
I also assist in the establishment of rescue organizations, through teaching the rescue organization about the Mechanical and Psychological aspects of dog training, for only then will you achieve 100% successful adoption rates. If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in creating a rescue organization please contact me.

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